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Offering injectable neurotoxins, fillers, customized skincare regimes, facial balancing, microneedling, prp, hair loss and other popular beautification treatments.


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What does a skincare consult entail?

The skincare industry is booming, and there is an overwhelming amount of information out there about what you ‘should’ be using. Patients often spend thousands of dollars blindly purchasing products with no rhyme or reason and no guidance aside from flashy marketing.

At the SavvyDerm Skin Clinic, we customize your regimen from start to finish based on your skincare concerns, budget, and goals. No two patients are the same, and I am able to tailor to each patients specific needs. I am a board certified Dermatology Nurse Practitoner with over 10 years of experience in medial dermatology., This background gives me a unique approach that allows me to provide the best outcomes for my patients.

We offer multiple different skincare lines at our clinic. I have spent the last ten years curating a specific collection of products that I am able to stand behind one hundred percent. I am proud to offer a mix of different price points so that you can invest when and where it works best for you!

I understand that sitting in my chair and discussing skincare concerns is a vulnerable place to be, and it is my goal to make each and every patient feels seen and heard in their consult. I intentionally allow ample time for each patient so that we are able to provide the best care possible.

Our Mission

Catie Boucher, is a double board certified as both a family (FNP-C) and dermatology nurse practitioner (DNP-C); practicing both medical and cosmetic dermatology. Catie brings her dermatology expertise and her innate eye for balance and aesthetics to provide a powerful and effective practice. Since no two faces are alike, each patient is thoroughly assessed based on their individual needs and a personalized plan of action is developed to enhance the beauty that’s already there.

At SavvyDerm Skin Clinic safety is our number one priority. We maintain high standards for cleanliness and exceeding our customers expectations in the chair and out.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you enjoy your experience, have some fun while your with us, and that you leave the office looking and feeling better than when you arrived.